Click on the Image above to see a larger sized image in a new window.

The larger image produced is between 600 and 900kb in size and is an average resolution for the image produced by the FootPrints application.

Larger or higher resolution monitors produce larger images. Single map images exceeding 5 Mb in size are not unusual.

The FootPrints V2 interface allows you to size your mapping window to fit your needs. Full screen, small enough to allow multiple windows or anywhere in between the choice is yours.


This sample displays active Mining Claims in the Little San Domingo FootPrint at full extent.

  Placer & Lode Claims.
  Backed with BLM Database & County Records.
  Mining Claims are mapped to their Actual boundaries.
  Maps 55 Prospecting Club Claims.
Claims mapped to ACTUAL Boundaries !

This critical information is not available elsewhere.

As you zoom into a particular area claim names will appear on the map. You can then research any specific claim by mapping it in numerous ways.

Overlay Claims on any Base Map  
  High Resolution Aerial Photos (Ortho)
  Shaded Elevation Map
  USGS Topographic Map

Add roads, washes, contours and hydrography layers.

Query the Database to find Detailed information.  
  Mines (MRDS)
  BLM LR2000 Data on each claim.
  View County Claim Filings and details.

Use with the Ownership Layer and the BLM Active Claims layer to help determine what lands are available to prospect and claim!

Find a Spot and Stake Your Claim !