FootPrints Installation Requirements:


WINDOWS 2000, XP, XP Professional, Vista, or Windows 7
32 or 64 bit Operating System *1

DVD drive

At least 3.5 Gb of free hard drive space *2

Administrator privileges *3

Internet Explorer Browser (required for GPS download function) *4

No server running on port 80 *5

*1. Some other systems may work but have not been tested.

*2. Each FootPrint varies in size. The DVD disk and packaging will have the program size requirements clearly indicated. The installer will inform you of the final size of the installation and will not attempt to install FootPrints if you do not have enough disk space to complete the installation.


*3 You must have administrator privileges. If you only have a user account or do not know the adminstrator password you will not be able to complete the installation.

*4 Other browsers will work for mapping.  Appearance will vary with all browsers on all computer systems. The GPS interface is reliant on Internet Explorer. Versions 7, 8 and 9 of Internet Explorer are recomended.
*5 The first installation of a FootPrint Mapset on your computer installs Apache Server. Port 80 is set by default. If you have another server running on port 80 on your computer FootPrints will not run. If you don't know what any of this means you are very unlikely to have a conflict.