NEW Quartzsite FootPrint Released !


MinerDiggins has just released its newest and largest FootPrint yet. Quartzsite !

The Quartzsite FootPrint covers over 215 square miles and six entire townships. It covers the entire area surrounding the town of Quartzsite, from the Plomosa Mountains in the east, across the La Posa plain to the Dome Rock Mountains in the west. The southern edge of the FootPrint borders on the Kofa Wildlife Refuge and the Yuma Proving Grounds.

See full map extent

The Quartzsite FootPrint maps hundreds of lode and placer claims. We have provided over 1000 pages of claim documents that otherwise would need to be purchased from the county recorder. And of course, like all FootPrints, we have mapped the patents and land ownership.

Each FootPrint includes detailed mapping of streams, watersheds, topography and aerial imagery. The Quartzsite FootPrint maps the Geology of the Plomosa Mountains at a detailed 1:24,000 which can help you locate tertiary gravels, faults and metamorphic contacts.

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The Quartzsite area has been a favorite of desert prospectors for over 150 years. Gold has been found in the mountains on both sides of the valley and in areas throughout the valley itself. It is also a favorite area for rockhounds as the geology is complex and delivers many collectible rocks and minerals.

I have posted a few publications about the mining history and geology of the area in the Ripple Library.

In early December, we attended the prospector's outing at the Dome Rock West camping area near Quartzsite. We had a great time and met lots of great folks who prospect the area. Many thanks to all of those who made our weekend enjoyable. There are two good prospecting clubs in Quartzsite that are full of locals who know the area.

Nugget Wranglers

Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club

So get yourself a FootPrint and get out to Quartzsite for a good dose of desert prospecting. Takes away the winter blues every time.