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"I just received and viewed the new Gold Basin Footprints and found it very informative like all the rest of the Footprint series so far. This Footprint appeared to be a work of art. I have both the Black Canyon City and Rich Hill but I think this new program is their best yet. "
- hawkman46


"Found this just laying out in the wide open, all by itself. 7.5 dwt, mostly gold.

The Gold Basin FootPrint, led me to this!"

- Calvin Bunker


"I spent the past two days at a claim on Rich Hill. Despite ample research using Google satellite maps, I never would have found the claim without Footprints...

...I've wasted so much time & diesel looking for claims across the country - wish we had Footprints for Everywhere! "
- Notorious Kelly

"GeoCommunicator going away just made my Footprints collection a lot more valuable! "
- Terry

"... get the footprints maps so you know where you stand."
- Border Boy

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"We all agreed that this software is far superior to any other single research or mapping resource available to the individual gold prospector in Arizona – period.

I think this is an excellent tool to have out in the field while exploring because it makes finding information so much easier and faster with NO internet connection because all that data is cached on your computer."

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