GPS Interactivity

Each FootPrint has two Map Layers for GPS Tracks and Waypoints.

Download Data from your GPS unit directly into FootPrints to display your personal tracks and Waypoints. This has many great uses for the prospector.

Be ready for your next prospecting trip.

Mark Waypoints in the field for areas you want to prospect. Download them into FootPrints and research ownership, claims, water flow etc.

Look for that Paystreak!

Use Waypoints to mark where you found your Gold. Download these into FootPrints and look for trends.

Leave more time for the hunt.

Review your prospecting waypoints and tracks to see if there is a quicker way to get there.


FootPrints provides a reminder to you that your Private GPS sites are displayed on your map.

This symbol will display on your screen and on any printed map whenever you have your personal Tracks and Waypoints displayed. We all like to keep a few secrets.