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Mining History of California

This is the Ripple Library's collection of documents on Mining in California. Lots of great stuff here on Geology, Maps, History and the Tertiary Gravels.

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Index: California Mining History

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"Gold and Silver" by Walter R. Crane, 1908.

"An economic history of mining in the United States, the geographical and geological occurences of the precious metals, with their mineralogical associations, history and description of methods of mining and extraction of values, and a detailed discussion of the production of gold and silver in the world and the United States."

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"The Mines of the West" by Rossiter W. Raymond, 1869.

A Report to the Secretary of the Treasury by the Commisioner of Mining Statistics.

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"Tombstone and its Mines" by William P. Blake, Mining Engineer, 1902.

A Report upon the Past and Present Condition of the Mines of Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona to the Development Company of America.

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"New Mexico Mines and Minerals" by Fayette Alexander Jones

World's Fair Edition, 1904
Being an Epitome of the Early Mining History and Resources of New Mexican Mines in the Various Districts, Down to the Present Time. Geology of the Ore Deposits, Complete Census of Minerals, Mineral and Irrigation Waters, Table of Altitudes and Other General Information. Illustrated.



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