Custom Layers



Confusing Reports Made Simple

We convert confusing, unmangeable government reports about the area that are full of information into map layers that are versatile and easy to use.

Let's take a look at the Gold Basin FootPrint, for example.

In this FootPrint we were able to take USGS Professional Paper 1361 and integrate it directly
into the map. This paper entitled "Geology and Gold Mineralization of the Gold Basin-Lost Basin Mining Districts" is a must read for prospectors.

In addition to a very detailed text about the nature of the gold found in these mining districts, this report details several hundred mines, adits, pits and old drywasher sites. The text is 176 pages long. The map is a topo map with several hundred points with numeric labels that refer to a 92 page table where the important information is presented.

Our mapping process cuts right through the report to the information that you need.

Click on the map to see how the Gold Basin FootPrint simplifies the data.



This is an image of the map from PP 1361. The larger inset shows the map zoomed into the Gold Hill area.