Custom Layers


Confusing Reports Made Simple


This is a zoomed in image of the same area on the Gold Basin FootPrint. Now you can visualize these points in relationship to the other map layers.

In this image I have selected the following layers to display on the map.

Aerial Imagery (Ortho)
20 ft Contours

Now we have a map that tells us:

The Site Name.
The Terrain.
The Geologic Nature.

By Adding other Standard Map Layers, we could answer the following questions;

How do I get there (roads)
Who owns the Land? (ownership / patents)
Is there already a Claim here? (lode & placer claims)
What Township, Range and Section is it in? (mtrs)
How does the water flow in this area? (flow, wetness)

But Wait........There is even More...

This layer also has a database of information attached. By invoking the Information Mode, you can CLICK on any point on the map to return more information.