What is a FootPrint?



The Next Generation in Gold Maps.

Read about our NEW V2 Interface - NOW standard with all FootPrints !

Until recently, the mapping tools available to Prospectors were pretty much limited to a USGS Topographic map, a compass and a pencil.

Today almost every Prospector has a GPS Unit and a Computer. With internet access Prospectors can now access digital topo maps, aerial imagery and a lot of other government information to help them in their search for gold.

But until FootPrints there has been nothing available that was SOLELY designed to help prospectors find GOLD.

With FootPrints Mapping Software, you can assemble, view and print your own maps. Choosing from up to 70 customized map layers created specifically for the prospector, you can mix and match map layers to create a map that meets your indivdual needs.

FootPrints reduces volumes of information needed to help you find GOLD into an Easy-to-Use mapping program.

Each FootPrint maps one of the Most Productive Gold placer areas in the country on a single DVD.

No Internet Required.


We dig through volumes of information, eliminating what you DON'T need and enhancing what you DO need.

Standard Layers - All of these Map Layers come with every FootPrint

We create our own Custom Map Layers with information that has never before been available to prospectors.

Custom Claims Maps - Claims Mapped and Displayed to ACTUAL boundaries

Custom Water Flow - Custom Water Maps Unique to FootPrints

USGS Reports & Maps - Detailed Reports and Geologic Maps are turned into easy to use Map Layers


We digitize, enhance and present the data in unique, readable map layers providing the most Comprehensive Gold Maps available.

FootPrints works without an internet connection. You have all the information you need out in the field.

Download GPS Tracks and Waypoints to pinpoint where you've been.