February 26, 2010

Gold Basin & Lost Basin Research Tip.

The Library of Congress just gets better all the time. In their "Chronicling America" project, they have digitized and made available for download many archived newspapers. You can download photocopies of the entire paper. For those papers they don't have online, they tell you where you can get them.

One of the newspapers they have available online is the Mohave Miner. The Mohave Miner was published out of Mineral Park, Arizona Territory as a weekly from 1882 through 1918. They don't have all of the issues digitized, but they have enough to keep an interested party reading for days.





Each week they have a column titled "Mining in Mohave" this gives little bits of info about the weeks mining. Some of it is quite informative, some just gossip.

It's not all about Gold Basin, Mohave is a large, mineral rich county. So you need to spend some time reading to find what you want.

The links to the Mohave Miner can be found HERE.

If you are not interested in this area, do a search for other available papers HERE.

I found the following using Google News Archives. (See last months Research Tip)