March 26 , 2010

New Ripple Law Library

As the primary researcher for Miner Diggins FootPrints I do a lot of claims research. Consequently a lot of folks ask me about claims. They want to know how to determine if a claim is valid, how to file one for themselves or numerous other details.

I'm not an expert on those issues. But I am a good researcher and I can point folks to documents that will help answer their questions.

I have added a Law and Policy section to the Ripple Library today. Here I have posted the most basic of mining laws, the 1866 Mining Law and the 1872 Mining Law. I have also posted copies of the FLPMA (Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976) and parts of the BLM Policy Manual dealing with mining.

I intend to keep updating this library as I come across applicable documents. I will always provide you with a document from the most trusted source available. I will not post any document if I do not know its origin.

So browse around the new Law Library and get educated on some of the basics of staking a claim.

Ripple Law Library