September 26, 2010

The Rich Hill Pages

To celebrate the release of the Rich Hill / Stanton FootPrint, I will be making daily posts with information about the area. Mostly from old newspaper articles and books. Some fact, some fiction, some not yet settled.

A Bootfull of Nuggets, 1884

Gold Strike at Rich Hill is news in New Zealand, 1864

The Golden Frog, 1884

Beautiful Gold from the Johnson Mine, 1902

Charles P Stanton at Weaver, 1887

Fifty-three Pound GOLD Brick on Exhibition at Prescott National Bank, 1907

Engineer Tells Weaver District Mining Story, 1927

Charles P. Stanton, In his own words - Part I, 1879

Charles P Stanton, In his own words - Part II, 1879

Reading through these old publications, you will find references to people and places that you can locate using the Rich Hill / Stanton FootPrint. The successful early placers and mines were almost all turned into patents. The original land patent documents for this area are included with the FootPrint. A lot of the early unpatented claims are still valid today under the same name but different ownership.

Check back tomorrow for more on Rich Hill. And browse on over to FootPrints to see all the details on the Rich Hill / Stanton FootPrint.


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